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Beneath the bat line you find Questions. For each question we gave two or more possible answers. For this quiz it is not allowed to give more than one answer per question, so be careful! If you do not know the answer to a question right away, you can find the answers by searching through our site or by going to zoo links.

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1 What is the official word for Bat droppings?

a. goop
b. guano
c. terrot
d. gluttos

Cannelton Bat Quiz

2 How many young can the Indiana Bat have at one time?

a. 1-2 offspring per year
b. 3-4 offspring per year
c. 5-6 off spring per year
d. 1-2 only every three years

3 What is the worst enemy of the bat?

a. owls and hawks
b. other bats
c. humans
d. cats

bat quiz Cannelton

4 What besides caves do bats like to live in?

a. tree bark
b. under eves
c. in abandoned mines
d. all of the above

5 True or false: The Indiana Bat can not be found in any other state.


6 How many different species of bats are there on earth?

a. 500
b. 100
c. 10,000
d. 1000

bat quiz cannelton


7 True or False? Bats are blind...and cannot see with their eyes at all.


8 Bats belong to which group?

a. Birds
b. Mammals
c. Amphibians
d. Reptiles

9 What should you do if you find a bat?

a. pick it up and take it to the animal shelter
b. leave it and tell an adult so they can notify the forestry service
c. leave it and forget about it
d. pick it up and try to take care of it yourself

bat quiz cannelton

10 True or False? The Indiana Bat is the only endangered bat on earth.


11 True or False? Bats like to get tangled up in people's hair.


12 Which continent has no bats?

a. Antarctica
b. North America
c. South America
d. Australia

13 How does the vampire bat get the blood of its host animal?

a. suck it like a vampire
b. drink it from the ground after it bites it
c. lap it off the bite like a dog
d. drink it through a straw like tongue like a mosquito

bat quiz cannelton

14 Can people hear any bat echolocation sounds?


15 True or False? Bats eat only insects...


16 True or False? All bats carry diseases like rabies.


cannelton bat quiz

17 How many different kinds of bats are known to exist in the United States?

a. 450
b. 50
c. 45
d. 123

18 What can people do to help bats?

a. don't bother habitats
b. leave them alone
c. don't poison insects
d. all of them above

19 Up to how many years can a bat live?

a. 50
b. 10
c. 30
d. none of the above

20 Which body part helps the bat slow down or steer?

a. head
b. tail
c. thumbs
d. feet

cannelton bat quiz

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