Lamar High School
Arlington Texas

Golden Coqui

Student Name: Bobby Aniekwena
Grade: 12
Lamar High School

"Critter Information" must include:

Common Name: Golden Coqui

Scientific Name: Eleutherodactylus jasperi

Nickname: Coqui De Oro

What category is the species? Amphibians

What does the species look like? Frog

What does the species eat? Arthropods

Describe their breeding (times of year, # of offspring, etc.). The golden coqui is a terrestrial breeding frog. The males call from bromeliads from March through December. Fertilization of the females is internal and gravid females have been collected from April to August. The eggs are heavily yolked and number from 1 to 6. The female carries the developing eggs in a modified fold of the oviduct during the entire gestation period of approximately 1 month. Intraoviducal nutrition is dependent on the yolk throughout development. Eggs undergo direct development and hatch as tiny froglets. The young remain with an adult for an undetermined amount of time. Observation of 2 or more size classes of subadults in the same bromeliad with an adult suggests that a female may reproduce more than 1 time per year.

Describe the environment that the species live best in. Terrestrial Features: Rock outcrops, Cliffs/ledges & Coastal Features: Vegetated offshore islands.

Describe why the species has become endangered. Because of the rats and cliffs.

What steps have been taken to protect the species? none

What are some organizations that have assisted in improving the environment (living space) of the species? 

Describe why you decided to study this particular organism. Because I felt like I needed to know more about it's species.

What have you learned that you haven't already described above? Nothing Really.

Where did you find the information you have collected? Internet Source.

Paste a graphic or picture of your organism here.

Written by: Bobby 


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