Lamar High School
Arlington Texas

Chiricahua Leopard Frog

Student Name Missey Dibi
Grade 10th
Lamar High School

"Critter Information" must include:

Common Name Chiricahua Leopard Frog
Scientific Name Rana chiricahuensis
Nickname N/a
What category is the species? Amphibian
What does the species look like? a stocky frog with a rounded head, short limbs and a mostly green head. Body is a brown or green tint, with small gray spots peppering the thighs. Belly may be a white or yellow color that extends down to the lower abdomen and groin area
What does the species eat? The Chiricahua leopard frog feeds on many insects and fresh-water shrimp. Tadpoles feed on algae and other minute organisms
Describe their breeding (times of year, # of offspring, etc.). At low elevations, the frog breeds from mid-February through June, while at higher elevations breeding occurs from May until August
Describe the environment that the species live best in. aquatic and can be found in rocky streams with deep rock-bound pools, ponds, earthen stock tanks, and permanent springs.1 Surrounding upland vegetation includes oak and mixed oak and pine woodlands, and ranges into areas of chaparral, grassland, and desert.2
Describe why the species has become endangered. catastrophic floods and droughts, with declines occurring because of such events
What steps have been taken to protect the species? restriction against unnecessary collecting. 
What are some organizations that have assisted in improving the environment (living space) of the species? Environmental Association U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service 
Describe why you decided to study this particular organism. Because I thought the name sounded catchy and I had never heard of this organism
What have you learned that you haven't already described above? That they really enjoy the water and mainly originated in Mexico
Where did you find the information you have collected?,  
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Written by: Missey 


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