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Beluga Whales

By Jessica

This report is about Beluga whales. Beluga means white one in Russian. It is otherwise known as the white whale or the sea canary. The reason why they are called the sea canary is because it makes all sorts of whistles and bell like sounds. It is almost like they are singing!

Physical Appearance
Beluga whales are small creatures that grow up to 15 feet. What makes this animal unusual is that it is one out of two whales that don't have dorsal fin. The other whale that does not have a dorsal fin is the narwhale. It has rounded flippers and a blunt head. The male Beluga whale is slightly larger than the female.

The Beluga whale lives in the arctic and sub-arctic waters with the Narwhales. They also migrate to warmer water in the south with Narwhales. 

The Beluga whale is a carnivore. It eats squid, fish, crustaceans, and octopus. The Beluga whale sometimes hunts schools of fish. While eating, the Beluga Whale swallows its prey whole. 

Beluga whales have a lot of under sea and land enemies. The enemies are killer whales polar bears and over all people. When coming up for air in the holes of the ice a polar bear could be waiting at the surface. Also when a Beluga whale is enjoying a meal an Orca could attack at anytime. 

After Beluga Whales mate the baby grows in the mother whales body for about a year. Then they move to safer and warmer waters to give birth to the baby. When the baby is born it is already five feet tall and knows how to swim. The baby is called a calf. When the calf born it is dark brownie color.

The Beluga Whale is a very friendly creature. In the north, Beluga Whales camouflage into the ice and snow. They also swim in groups called pods. 

Why is it Endangered?
The reason this friendly white whale is endangered is because down North there are small villages where Eskimos live. The Eskimos hunt Belugas Whales for food and other needs. Lipstick is made out of whale's blubber and shark liver. People limit the hunting so the Beluga Whale does not become extinct.

Other Interesting Facts
All these facts are true and so are these ones. The Beluga Whales are extremely social they also hunt in pods together. Is that interesting or what!!

Scientists are trying to find out more about Beluga Whales. You can find Beluga Whales in zoos like the Calgary Zoo or the valley zoo right here in Edmonton. Maybe they will sing to you
Dutch translation will follow later

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