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The Cheetah

By Pavan

Did you know that when cheetahs are about to run their claws dig into the ground like cleats. It helps the cheetah build up its speed to catch its prey also did you know that the cheetah is the fastest animal in the world? 

Physical Appearance 
An adult cheetahs fur could be yellow or a tan colored coat of fur. The adult cheetah may have solid round spots or oval black spots. They have black tear marks from the eyes to the mouth. They have orange eyes. Their paws are almost dog like! The cheetah has a long body and it has long legs also it has a small head. Cheetahs have claws that stick out all the time. 
Other cat's claws don't always stick out. Cheetahs have long tails because it will help them make accurate turns. Male cheetahs are up to 7 feet long and female cheetahs are slightly smaller. People call the cheetah the most elegant cat of all. 

Cheetahs are mainly found in Sub-Saharan Africa and found in partly open savannas. Some cheetahs live in south eastern Asia and some parts of India, Iran and Afghanistan. Things that cheetahs like to have around them are tall grass, bushes, and large plants. They like to live in a sub- dessert. Cheetahs don't like to live in forests or jungles because trees would stop them from using their speed. 

Cheetahs are carnivores. They eat some small animals. Most cheetahs hunt in the morning or late afternoon. Cheetahs get their food by first scanning the countryside from a tree limb or on top of a termite mound. Cheetahs use their sense of smell not their eyesight to catch their food. Some food that cheetahs eat is small antelope, impalas and gazelles. Some larger animals that cheetahs eat are warthogs, Oryx, rabbits and birds. Cheetahs mainly eat antelope and Cheetah's favorite foods are gazelles. When cheetahs eat they have to eat fast because animals like lions, leopards, vultures and Jackals may sometimes take away its kill. When cheetahs find a kill it won't sneak up on it they will chase after it. When its prey is caught the cheetah would bite its neck so the animal would die instantly. 

Cheetahs have a lot of enemies but I don't know them all. Some of their enemies are lions, leopards, hyenas, vultures and also jackals and some wild dogs. There are some human ones to like poachers and hunters. 

Cheetah cubs are very beautiful. When they are first born they have silky gray hair also with long wooly hair. Their silky gray hair lasts about 4 months. When cubs are born they are born blind but then their eyesight becomes even better than before. When the cubs are at the age of 3 months they don't drink milk anymore. 
Sometimes when female cheetahs are going to have cubs 4 to 6 cubs are born. Female cheetahs only raise their cubs for about a year! 

Cheetahs can be friendly and playful but when it is hunting season they become very serious. Cheetahs have perfect eyesight. Did you know that the fastest a cheetah can go is 110 miles per hour and a cheetah could build speeds up to 45 miles per hour from a standing start! Most racecars can't do that. Some sounds that a Cheetah can make are purrs, barks, growls and hisses and chirps but they do not roar.

Why it is endangered? 
Cheetahs are endangered because they are losing a lot of their habitat. Some poachers are breaking hunting laws and some Africa farmers kill cheetahs. People want skins for their cloths. There are a lot of people coming and a lot of cheetahs dieing. Some hunters capture cheetahs for zoos! 

Other Interesting Facts 
Cheetahs are very interesting animals. The name cheetahs comes from an Indian word meaning spotted one. When cheetahs are running it looks like they are flying but when cheetah's run their feet are mostly in the air. When cheetahs live in the wild they only live up to 8 years of age but when they live in the zoo they live up to 10 years of age! 

I would like to help save cheetahs because they may all die. I hope people will stop hunters and poachers from killing cheetahs. If we don't kill cheetahs we could have a larger cheetah population. 

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