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The Komodo Dragon

By Jonathon

Komodo Dragons are the largest living reptile and monitor lizard. The Komodo Dragons has never been hunted ever since 1912. They live on island of Indonesia, Rintja, Flores and Rinta. They also live on Gili Motang, Gili Dasami, Oewada Sami, Gili Moto Padar and Komodo. The Komodo Dragons is named after the island they were found on.

Physical Appearance

Komodo dragon look like magical fairy tale dragons but they don't breath fire. Komodo Dragons are sandy brown with dark markings. Male Komodo Dragons measure up to 8.6 feet long while females measure up to 7.6 feet long. Young Komodo Dragons have yellow speckles. 

Komodo Dragons like their habitat climate to be hot and dry. They dig burrows that are four or five feet deep on rocky slopes. They are mostly found in forests and savannas. They are also found in swamps, valleys and grasslands. On shore they are found in coral reefs and sand 

Komodo Dragons are carnivores so they eat meat. They especially love soft, rotting flesh. They can eat small rodent to huge water buffalo. They also eat wild boar and rarely humans. Young Komodo Dragons eat insects, geckos, ground nesting birds and eggs. Komodo Dragons may eat other Komodo Dragons. Some other animals they eat are bush pigs, deer and snakes. They also devour monkeys, Maleo birds and goats. Komodo Dragon consume on carrion or dead meat. 

Poachers are only human enemy to Komodo Dragons. Young Komodo Dragons try to avoid adult birds and other Komodo Dragons. The biggest threat to Komodo Dragons is other Komodo Dragons.

Komodo Dragons breed together and are sexually viable in 5 to 7 years. Breeding season is from May to July. The eggs are laid from July to September. Komodo Dragons laid 15 to 30 eggs. When they hatch, they are 12 to 18 inches. Male Komodo Dragons fight to win a female. Young Komodo Dragons lives in trees until they are 3 feet long.

Komodo Dragons are active in the day. They are good swimmers and can dive at the depth of 15 feet. Komodo Dragons are quick over short distances. They hunt their prey by ambushing them and seizing with their jaws

Why is it Endangered
Volcanic activity is one reason that Komodo Dragons are endangered. Other reasons are fire and tourism. Humans put Komodo Dragons endangered by poaching their deer and destroying their habitat.

Other Interesting facts
Komodo Dragons kill their prey by a blood poisoning bite. They can track animals up to 4 miles. If the prey escapes, it will die in 1 or 2 days. Komodo Dragons shed and replace teeth like sharks do. They can swim from island to island. Komodo Dragons use to live on Australia. The Komodo can live without water for a month and a half. This reptile has been here ever since 25 to 40 million years ago. These animals are lazy especially after dinner. 

Laws protect Komodo Dragons. They live for 20 years and have been here ever since 25 to 40 million years b I think we should preserve for future generation.
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