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The Grizzly Bear

By Ramey

Come and find out everything about grizzly bears! Find out what it eats and other important facts like how it became endangered.

Physical Appearance
Do you know how big a grizzly bear and how much an adult male can weight about 300 to 850 pounds? A female can weight about 200 to 450 pounds. Grizzly bear have a lot of hair mostly under the chain and most of it is brown. Did you know that it has a hump on its shoulder? The grizzly bear claws are as human fingers. A grizzly bear has about 42 teeth. Guess what, the baby bear has blue eyes when it born. The grizzly has small ears and short tail. 

The grizzly bear come from dense forest and the arctic tundra, North America. Grizzly bears only like to live in or by the mountains. They 
also like to live by ocean, rivers also they like to live in or at den, caves, hollow logs, and a fallen tree they also dig holes in the ground that they can live in

Do you know what a bear eats? If you don't come and read! There favorite foods are salmon and fish. They usually eat berries like blue berries, elder berries, salmon berries, and bush cranberries. They also like to eat other animals like deer, moose, other bears, bear cubs, they usually eat insect liver and rodent animals. They also like to eat other food like fruits, shrubs, occasional caribou, and roots. 

The grizzly bear only enemies are humans and other bears.

Reproduction/ Babies
Do you know that a cub can weigh 1˝ pounds when born? They stay with their mother 2-4 years. When they're born they have blue eyes.

In the summer and fall the grizzly bear needs to eat a lot. They hibernate during the winter for 5-8 months dipping on the location they're in. 

Why is it Endangered? 
This why they're endangered, humans hunt them. Also, they cut down the forest. Other bears fight each other.

Other Interesting Facts
The grizzly bear can climb trees fast. When they get old, their claws get white. They smell food from a large distance away. Do you when they were endangered in 1975. This is how many bears are known to exist; there are 52,525 bears in U.S.A.

This is all about the grizzly bear so let them live and don't hunt them down or cut down the forest. I hope you enjoyed this because I did. Now you know why it's endangered. 
Dutch translation will follow later

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