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I like writing about jaguars because it is fast, and I like fast animals.

Physical Appearance
This is how the jaguar looks in real life. It has spots, like a cheetah and a leopard. It has a spotted fur coat. They also have powerful jaws. It is also the biggest cat in America. Female jaguars weigh from 80 pounds to 170 pounds. 
The male weighs from 120 to 200 pounds they also have large rounded heads. The jaguars get confused with leopards. They have short tails and they are also one of the biggest cats in the continents. It also has a heavy body. They also 

The jaguar lives in swamps and wooden regains. 

The jaguar eats meat, wild pigs, and other mammals. 

The jaguar's enemies are predators and prey and humans.

Its babies are born in summer in shelter made out of bushes, rocks, trees and they have 1 to 4 babies.

Its behavior is by swimming, hunting on the ground. And they are able to rip open a turtle shell. 

Why it's endangered.
The jaguar is endangered from hunters; pouters and farmers also killed the jaguars.

The jaguar weighs from 140 up to 220 pounds. There's only 1500 jaguars remain in wild. Some of the jaguars weigh up to 250 pounds. They are extremely important to the native people 
Dutch translation will follow later

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