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The Lynx

by Nadia

The lynx is a beautiful animal, found only in Europe and North America. The one I am most interested about is the Canadian lynx of North America. This cat belongs in the felidae family. Felidae means, "cat". 

Physical Appearance
The North American lynx has tufted triangular shaped ears, a thickset body and long hind legs. This type of lynx has a short stumpy tail, large Fur covered paws, a spotted coat and it's coat coloring is buff or tawny mixed with black hairs. The lynxes under parts are cinnamon and brownish. There cheeks have long and pale ruffs and a pointed beard also they have quite, large feet that are very well furred. The Canadian lynx also has pointed side burns. 

The Canadian lynx inhabits in mosaic of forest types. They use old growth trees for dens and prefer deep aging forests. They are found in the tundra, Rocky Mountains, evergreen forests, fallen trees, bogs and swamps. They need plentiful plant life and thick under growth for homes in there habitats. 

The Canadian lynxes main diet is the snowshoe hare, in fact it is 65 - 85% of a lynxes wild diet. It also eats mice, meadow voles, ruffed grouse, ptarmigan, red squirrels, muskrats, whitetail deer fawns, ducks, partridges, carrion and finally the common prairie chicken. If a lynx is extremely hungry and cannot find food, it will eat lizards, frogs and beetles, but its basically just small animals. Lynxes rarely feed on moose, caribou and deer. 

The lynx's enemies are wolves and pumas. 

The lynx usually mates around February and March. The lynx bear kittens around May and July. The average litter is 2 to 5 kittens. Babies open their eyes after two weeks. Kittens are fully weaned at three months they suckle for 4-6 months. The kittens stay with mother till the next mating season. They start feeding on meat at 1 year old. Female cares for kittens; there is no assistance from the male.

Lynxes are generally solitary animals. They hunt and travel alone, unless mating. The lynx are found more active at night than day. They prefer ambush.

Why is it endangered
The lynx is usually hunted for there beautiful sleek fur. The lynx have been in numerous road kills. 

Other Interesting facts 
Did you know if the snowshoe hare dies out the Lynx dies out too? If the population of the snowshoe hare rises so does the population of the lynx. The "lynx" in Greek means to shine. Did you know the lynx needs only one sixth as lighter as people? If a lynxes ears are down it is angry, if the ears are forward and high it is calm. The lynx lives as long as 12-13 yrs.

Now you know about the lynx's lifestyle. 

Dutch translation will follow later

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