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The Panda Bear

By Brad

The panda bear is one of the most endangered animals with only 800 to 1000 left in the world and is on the verge of extinction. But teams have been set up around the forests in China to help save the panda bear. This report will tell you facts about the panda bear and why it is endangered. 

The physical appearance of the panda is very unique. The panda bear is black and white it has black feet, eye patches, ears, legs, chest and shoulders. Pandas also have big heads round ears and short tails. Adult pandas range from about 5 to 6 feet tall. The adult male panda weighs about 276 pounds. The adult female panda weighs only 155 to 220 pounds. The black and white of the panda helps it blend. It could not be seen at a range of 30 feet. 

The panda shares its habitat with many other animals but has few enemies. They live in southeastern China. They live in misty cool forests on the side of mountainous slopes. There are many bamboo trees for pandas eat a lot. 

The panda eats food for about 10 to 12 hours a day about 40 to 80 pounds. A pandas diet consists of 99% bamboo but occasionally the panda they eat meat or other plants they may eat honey as well as the bees the panda has a tough lining so bee stings do not hurt them. The pandas eat in a sitting position. Since the panda does not hibernate it does not have to store food.

Pandas only have 1 enemy. It is the wild dog. When the wild dog attacks the panda the panda will either climb a tree or become very threatening and inflict nasty wounds.

Panda's reproduction rates are really low because the female panda does not mature until 5 to 7 years old. Female pandas can have up to 3 babies at a time. The babies are as small as newborn kittens. The babies usually leave their mother at 18 months old. 

The panda bear communicates by chirping, barking, squealing and yipping. The panda spends about half it's time eating and half it's time sleeping. Pandas are very intelligent animals they are good at solving problems. 

The panda is endangered in many ways 1 is the breeding season is between March and May. Another is the habitat is not big enough. Poaching is not that big a problem but sometimes pandas get caught in traps made for other animals. 


The panda is a very solitary animal. There are only about 1000 left in the world. People used to think the panda was a type of raccoon. Pandas have 6 fingers, which makes it easier to hold bamboo. The panda marks its territory by scratching trees and rubbing gland against rocks. The panda lives only 25 years. 

Now you know information about the panda and why it is endangered and the panda should be saved or these beautiful animals will become extinct.  

Dutch translation will follow later

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