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Golden Shouldered Parrot

Golden Shouldered Parrot
By Keaton

Golden Shouldered Parrots are harmless to humans. They are found in woodlands in northern Queens land in Australia. You are likely to find them in trees, woodlands (in Queens land) or in scrubs of northern Queens land. 

Physical Appearance
Golden Shouldered Parrots are different colors. They have dark brown eyes gray legs and bill. Golden Shouldered Parrots are usually 25 centimeters long but their tail is half the size of their body so their body is really 12.5cm long. Their body is shaped like an oval. Golden 
Shouldered Parrots cannot camouflage well because of their bright colors. Males are usually more colorful than females. Males have a yellow and brown band a black cap (a cap is like a hood covering the top of its head down to the bottom of its eyes. Its belly the rump and undertail is red. The wings have one golden yellow patch on the higher part of the wing by the shoulder. The rest of the body is strong blue and green. The female has duller colors. They have a brown band with yellow. Its lower belly is red. The young male has turquoise cheeks green brow and a dark brown band. The young female has less turquoise and yellowish brown band and similar dark brown cap.

Golden Shouldered Parrots are usually found in paper bark woodlands or in northern Queens land Australia. You might also find them in termite mounds where their nests are found most of the time. You could actually find them in trees that are in northern Queensland.

Golden Shouldered Parrots like to eat about ten different things, which include seeds, kernels and fruit. They eat canary seeds, millet and unripe weed seeds (only where possible). Golden Shouldered Parrots eat a few more things like small sunflower kernels, wild bird food, apples carrots and soaked rusk. So Golden Shouldered Parrots have a good variety of food. 

Golden Shouldered Parrots do not really have any en enemies except for cats they barley kill any Golden Shouldered Parrots it is poachers and they do not have enough have food.

Golden Shouldered Parrots breed in late autumn or early in the year. Their nests are found in termite mounds or in a covered place.6 eggs are usually laid. Only 74% of them hatch within 3 weeks. 

Golden Shouldered Parrots like to sit quietly in trees and they like to nest in ant nests and termite mounds. You will not find them in urban areas (except for pet shops).

Why is it Endangered?
Golden Shouldered Parrots are endangered because they die from poachers and they do not have enough food because cattle eat their food and Golden Shouldered Parrots die of starvation. 

Other Interesting Facts
Golden Shouldered Parrots fly in a swift movement. It breeds before winter when their young can die. Golden Shouldered Parrots have a scientific name, which is phsesphotus chysopteriguis, and they are very rare and very expensive.

You can tell a male from a female Golden Shouldered Parrot from their heads. A male has a black hood and a female has a brown hood. Golden Shouldered Parrots can also be called Golden Winged Parrot, Antbed Parrot and an Anthill Parrot. 
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