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The Galapagos Penguin

By Brett

The blotched tiger salamander is starting to become extinct. These salamanders scientific name is the Ambystoma-tigrunum. These species are thinning out because the destruction of their habitat. The tiger salamander is quite a unique salamander.

Physical Appearance
The blotched tiger salamander is quite large. It's about 6-8 and half inches long. It is called the blotched tiger salamander because it is dark with yellow crossbars or blotches. It is built quite small with a big head and small eyes. The tiger salamander is quite a unique looking salamander. 

The tiger salamander is kind of like a frog. It spends most of it's life under ground. It likes woods with sandy soil and likes to live in slow streams. It will also use old dens of animals. It lives from Nebraska to Washington and south, central Alberta to Saskatchewan. The tiger salamander lives in many places.

Tiger salamanders don't eat much. Their main foods are earthworms, frogs and mice. They are pretty good hunters and don't have a large appetite. Tiger salamanders are good to other animals because they don't eat many animals. 

The blotched tiger salamander doesn't have many enemies. Their biggest enemies are humans. Humans are taking over their habitat. People take them for pets too. Their other enemies are the fish in the ponds they live in. The tiger salamanders enemies are making them extinct.

Reproduction and Babies
Tiger salamanders need more reproduction. They will become extinct. Their eggs are laid in the spring. By the end of summer they hatch and the larvae go into the water. The female lays deposits of 25-50 eggs. This can be prompted by rain. The tiger salamander will stay in the world if there is more reproduction. I hope the blotched tiger salamander doesn't become extinct.

The blotched tiger salamander behaves normally. When hunting, tiger salamanders use their feet to hear because they do not have eardrums. They are not a very aggressive hunter. The blotched tiger salamander is a good hunting salamander. 

Why Is It Endangered?
Blotched Tiger Salamanders are endangered because of many things. Their habitats are usually populated with fish that are predators. The ponds they live in are usually populated by pesticides. If their habitat is near a road they get ran over. Farmers also use pond water for crops and the ponds they live in are being destroyed. People even try to catch them for bait and pets. People are making Blotched Tiger Salamanders extinct!

Other Interesting Facts
Tiger salamanders have set a few records. There is also some interesting things about them. Blotched tiger salamanders are the world's largest land dwelling salamander. The biggest specimen of tiger salamander ever recorded was 13 inches long. The tiger salamanders are the most interesting salamander!!

The blotched tiger salamander will be alive if its habitat does not keep getting destroyed. I think these salamanders have a high chance of survival. Humans must respect their environment. The blotched tiger salamander is a beautiful animal!
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