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The White Siberian Tiger

By Laura

The sea otters are amazing animals. You can find them in parts of the U.S.A. and Canada's pacific coast.

Physical Appearance
The sea otter has thick fur to keep warm, the fur coat usually has dark brown hairs and lighter guard hairs, and it has webbed feet and a long tail. It can reach up to 4 feet tall, it can weigh up to 45 or 65 pounds and the northern sea otter can weigh up to 100 pounds. It has small ears, strong teeth that are very sharp teeth, and they have a triangular shaped nose. You can't see it but they have no blubber at all unlike most sea animals. They also have long whiskers.

Their habitat is usually quite cold because they live in the ocean. The northern pacific is one of the habitats and the California coast, the Alaska shore, the coast of Russia, northern Japan, Canada's pacific coast and the Mexico Coasts are other places where sea otters like to live. They like to stay at a place with a bed of kelp, rocky or sandy sea bottom. They also like to rest in areas in kelp forests, they put kelp on their bodies so they don't float away with the water. 

Sea otters love fishy things. Especially sea urchins, they also like abalone, mussels and clams. Some other kinds of seafood they like are crabs, snails, Octopi, Squid, Starfish. 

The sea otters do have enemies. Even though they don't have a lot but the enemies are horrible! Its enemies are Sharks, Bald Eagles, Bears, Coyotes and Killer Whales. They also try to avoid the hunters that want their furs. 

They become mature at 3-5 years of age. The females give birth every 1-2 years. The babies rely on their mother's milk for about 2 months and the baby still stays with the mother but the mother only leaves for food.

The otters use small rocks or other hard objects to pry open the food like clams, they use the rocks as a hammer. They can dive up to 330 feet and can stay under for about 5 minutes. Pups spend most of their time being carried on their mother's chest. They put their paws and hind flippers up when they sleep and for naps sometimes they put their paws over their eyes.

Why It Is Endangered
The reason why the sea otter is endangered is because in the 1700's people wanted the sea otters fur so the hunted them and the kept on hunting them to 1911. People everywhere decided to make a law because they almost became extinct. So now they are on the endangered list.

Other Information
The scientific name for the sea otter is Enhydra lutris. The sea otter is the smallest animal of a land creature and the biggest sea mammal of the weasel family in the world. The sea otter eats at least ╝ of its body weight every day to keep warm because the food turns into body heat, which keeps them warm. And they eat, sleep and give birth in the water.

There are many endangered animals in the world. Try to keep them on the endangered Animal's list, and hopefully they won't become extinct. 
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