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The Wolverine

By Robbie

Hello in this writing you will learn about a wolverines Physical Appearances, Habitat, it's food, it's enemies, how it behaves, its mating season/babies, and why it's endangered.

Physical appearance
A wolverine looks sort of like a bear but it is brown with a yellow stripe starting at its tail and end at its shoulder. The wolverine weighs 20-35kgs and 80-110cm. 

The wolverine lives in coniferous forest or tundra. Also the wolverine doesn't hibernate. 

The wolverine eats small mammals, birds, fish and fruit. The wolverine also eats caribou or moose. If the wolverine saw some food that a wolf killed the wolverine would spray a scent on the food then the wolverine would eat it. 

The wolverine's enemies are wolves, porcupines, bears and humans. The humans kill the wolverines for its fur, parka hoods and just the beauty of the fur. If a wolverine got in a fight with a bear the wolverine would be able to scare it off but the bear would win the fight. The wolverine could scare off a pack of wolves away. If the wolverine got in a fight with a porcupine the wolverine would kill it with a slash but not eat it. 

The wolverine mates in the summer (April-August) and has 2 to 5 babies a year. Also the female will go to a different male and mate again. Wolverines become sexually mature after 3 to 5 years of age. 

The wolverine is an excellent swimmer and climber. The wolverine can climb trees with speeds up to 35km. The wolverine is a slow land animal it can get up to 45km in one whole day! The wolverine moves with a lopping gallop. The wolverine could climb a tree with moss in it's mouth then drop it for a deer to eat then the wolverine would jump on the deer's back get a firm grip on the deer's neck and rip the deer's eye's out the deer would then hit it's head on a tree until it dies. Most wolverines are nocturnal but very active in the day. Wolverines get 4 hours of sleep each day. If a wolverine feels irritated the wolverine would make a low growl. 

Why it's endangered 
The wolverine is endangered because humans kill them for parkas and for the beauty of the fur. 

Other interesting information 
The wolverine is also known as a glutton. And did you know that if a wolverine were the size of a bear it would be the strongest animal in the world. The wolverine is part of the weasel family. The wolverine's jaws are strong enough to crush bones. And the wolverine cubs are not mean to humans. 

That's my bibliography on a wolverine let's hope that we can help one of god's creatures stay alive.
Dutch translation will follow later

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