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Save the African Elephant

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Can you imagine being killed just for your teeth? Well, in many African countries similar actions are being practiced on elephants. African elephants are being brutally slaughtered in large quantities for their ivory tusks. For many years elephants have being killed so people could make piano keys, jewelry, and finery which was later sold. As a result, the African elephant is on the endangered species list and if humans don't take serious action the African elephant can become extinct for the many generations to come.
Most importantly, the predators and the prey of the elephant will be badly affected thus causing environmental disasters. We can aid the African Elephant to get of the endangered species list by' having a march or a show illustrating what happens to an elephant when it doesn't have tusks, we can create strict laws and regulations to protect the elephants from poachers, or we can set aside designated grazing areas, in Africa, where the elephants can successfully thrive and make their population strong again. Certainly, if people and poachers can get a glimpse of the inside story of these massive slaughters we can spark attention. By setting up a show we could talk to people and poachers about the situation that elephants are facing. The show will begin with a video that would give people the facts about elephants. It would also include scenes showing the innocents elephants and their playfulness sides. We hope that people would start feeling sad and symathy for elephants after the video is over. Next, there would be people who begin a discussion and explain to people the importance of keeping the African elephant alive.
Lastly, we would collect donations from the people who attended. Nevertheless, donations can be used to help zoo's adopt elephants so more people can learn about their struggle, and become aware that we must take serious action to protect them. In the same way, zoo's will have another interesting attraction that will have a positive influence on sales. On the contrary, we will need time and generous donations to have enough money. Volunteers will also be necessary to make this program successful. Equally important, laws and regulations should be put into affect that ðclearly state that that the slaughter of elephants is illegal, especially during mating season. Moreover, laws should protect elephant habitats such as the grassy savannahs that are found in Central Africa. Governments need to recognize the situation that the African elephant is facing before it is too late.
Here are some laws that could be created:
a.) If you kill an elephant you must do a certain amount of "Elephant Service" hours. This means that the killer must spend a certain amount of time teaching people about elephants at zoo's or our shows. They might have to clean-up after circus elephants. By making them do this we hope that the killer understands that it is important to keep the elephant alive.
b.) Destroying habitats is illegal. It should be clear and understood that habitats shouldn't be destroyed. Issuing laws like this will encourage poachers to discontinue their cruel actions. The few that still continue will be harshly punished when caught.
Obviously, we have recognized that bringing the African Elephant off the endangered species list really means that their population must go up. Therefore, directly attacking the situation might be the best solution. Although, it has it's set of consequences setting-up designated areas for elephants to graze can really work. In parts of Africa acres of land can be blocked off so that elephants can graze there without the threat of poachers. Guards will protect the area and other workers will help take care of the elephants. Ultimately, the population of elephants will go up. This plan might take a while, possibly even years. We must remember that it is our determination and energy that will save the African elephant. On the other hand, it will be expensive to buy, preserve, and protect the areas where the elephants will stay. In conclusion, I believe that by organizing shows and marches around the world is the best solution to help the African elephant. The shows will give people the inside story with videos and speeches. We want to educate people with this. Most of all, it isn't very expensive and it has been proven to work. We need to take serious action, before the African Elephant becomes extinct.. ..lost forever.
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