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Elanora Heights Primary School has researched

Endangered Australian Wildlife

as part of an
Endangered Animals of the World project
organised by Cannelton Elementary School in Indiana, USA
and Primary School De Wadden of Haarlem, Netherlands.

Dusky Hopping-mouse
Drawn by Evan 6H

Common Name : Dusky Hopping-mouse

Scientific Name : Notomys fuscus

Habitat :
Found mainly in sand-ridge deserts of Australia with Triodia tussocks and Plectrachne grass.

Diet :
The diet comprises seeds, green plant matter and insects.

Size :
It reaches a maximum size of around 270 mm, the tail forming around 155 mm of this length; it can weigh up to 50 grams.

Danger :

The Dusky Hopping-mouse is endangered by European settlement especially cats and foxes.

Researched by :

Sam, Evan and Jason


CD called "Wildinfo Australia"
Windows Version
Australian Endangered, Vulnerable and Extinct Fauna.
Designed and produced by "Good Thinking" (Australia) Pty Ltd
Distributer :
81 Eildon Parade,
Rowville, Victoria, 3178, Australia

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