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The Puerto Rican Boa

The Puerto Rican boa is a reptile. It is a member of the biodae family. 

It lives in all parts of Puerto Rico and has also been seen in Cuba. 

Before the Puerto Rican boa became endangered, people used to eat them. 

It can lay up to 14 eggs 4 times per year. Not all of the eggs hatch. When fully grown, it can be as long as 5 feet. 

It has a green back and a yellow belly. Females usually have horizontal black stripes on their back. 

The Puerto Rican boa is endangered because its habitat (trees and swamps) is being destroyed. 

Also, its main food sources (rats, fruit bats, and small birds) are also threatened. 

I would try to save it by making a fundraiser and buy them from Puerto Rico and put them in zoos. 

I got my information from Encarta 98.

Dutch - Nederlandse vertaling volgt z.s.m.

Written by / geschreven door : Matt

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