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The Puerto Rican Plain Pigeon

The Puerto Rican Plain Pigeon

The Puerto Rican Plain Pigeon's family is called Columbidae. It lives in Puerto Rico, Cuba, and parts of Jamaica. 

The pigeon's common name is the Puerto Rican Plain Pigeon. It's scientific name is Columba inornata wetmori. It's a vertebrate in the Bird category.

There are no more than 320 living Puerto Rican Plain Pigeons in the world today. 

The pigeon's colors are different troughout it's body. The pigeon's habitat is in tropical forests and rain forests near the Caribbean Sea. The Puerto Rican Plain Pigeon has no need to migrate because it's already in a warm climate. The Plain Pigeon eats fruit,seeds, and livestock on the forest floor. 

They lay 1 egg 3 times a year. 

The pigeon is endangered because of loss of natural habitat. Scientists are trying to save the Puerto Rican Plain Pigeon by designating land where people cannot destruct the forest or hunt the pigeon.  

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