Gray Bat

Researched by: Ryan and James

Photo taken from National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Mammals

Gray Bat

myotis grisescens


If bats live in the open may have bright colors and markings. Those that live in dark, sheltered areas have black and, gray colors and markings. Their heads are shaped like that of a miniature bear or dog.


The Gray Bats live in caves.

Feeding Habits

Bats feed on insects that fly at night. A bat catches insects in its mouth, tail membrane, or wings as it flies.

Breeding habits and offspring

They breed only one at a time and around June.

PopulationAbout 1,100 gray bats are known to exist.

Significant findings

They hibernate in the winter. They have summer and winter caves. Their winter caves are not in Missouri. They have become endangered by caves exploration and flooding of caves. Their niche is to eat bugs. They have no natural enemy , but the humans are a threat.

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