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Indus River Dolphin

The indus river dolphin is endangered throughout the season. The indus river dolphin lives in the Arabian sea, Pakistan and India. Its scientific name is Platonist.

The Indus River Dolphin is grey, brown, and pink on the belly. Its size is 1.5-2.5m. long. The Indus River Dolphin weighs a maximum of 90 kg. 

When a baby is born, the mother must rush the baby to the surface for its first breath. The babies are born alive like humans. The babies get nursed until one year old. When the baby get older it eats prawns, gobies, catfish and carp.

For protection the dolphins use their back fins to flip enemies up and away from themselves. They use the front fins to hit mud on the enemy’s body. It uses its beak to hit someone that is trying to capture them. The enemies for dolphins are fishing nets and boats that are hunting for meat and oil. Propellers on boats and sharks are also a problem.

Indus river dolphins travels in pairs or on their own. They don’t have crystalline so they are blind. This is one of the reasons they swim on their side under water, with one flipper trailing in the muddy river beds. 

After reading this report it is important to remember there are only 500 indus river dolphins left. It is important for people to help this animal stay alive. 
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Written By: Angela Greenwell

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